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Three Forts Challenge

Sunday 6th May 2018

Comments about the 2017 event


Great half marathon, well organised with great support from marshals and the rotary club (great cakes at the end;) ); the hills are very tough but the race is so rewarding. Really glad to see that the first hill up the side of the golf course had been levelled out - it was treacherous last year - made a real difference (up and down). Looking forward to next year already!!

MT, , 12-May-2017

It was the first time I have done the half for a few years and it was just as good as the last time. Great support and well organised. Brilliant cakes at the finish. Please include age in the results, so old runners like me (63) can see how we are 'managing the decline'.

Lance Quirico, East Grinstead Tri, 06-May-2017

I had a good day massaging lots of tired runners. Much good feedback from them, so I think it was appreciated!

The event was extremely well run - as usual, from what regulars told me. (This was my first time.) And the set up for the massage therapists was very good. Loved the free cakes and sweets!

Aiming to be back next year.
fb: Naturalstatetherapies
t: NatStateTherapy

Roy Millard, Natural State Therapies, 06-May-2017

A fantastic Half - I really enjoyed my first attempt at Three Forts! It was so well organised, everything was perfect, the views were stunning and there were seemingly unlimited refreshments with lovely marshals on our way round and also at the end. Thank you very much - I will definitely be back and perhaps I'll try the full marathon next year!

Liz, , 04-May-2017

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This was my 2nd half marathon and my 1st attempt at the 3 Forts, but it was a great experience. The hills were horrible (as expected) but it was a super challenge, aided by cracking marshalls and volunteers. They were always there with a smile and something sweet at exactly the right times. The event was brilliantly organised and what could have been a torrid time, was actually an enjoyable run!

Jon B, , 04-May-2017

Another fantastic event, thank you! My third consecutive year and second time at the marathon distance. As always, the day was well organised with a great atmosphere and friendly marshals. Well-stocked regular aid stations, awesome scenery and just the right number of participants to create a buzz yet thin out the field nicely after the first few miles. With an early train from central London you can arrive with enough time to get sorted and warmed up, so the 10am start is much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Chris Porter, , 04-May-2017

This was my fourth consecutive year doing the 3 Forts Challenge Half Marathon and it was very well organised and a great atmosphere as always; the weather always gives a different challenge each year (this year windy and quite cold, other years very hot or very wet). Thank you to the organisers and I look forward to next year's race.

Ed Davies, , 03-May-2017

3rd time for me and excellent as always. Headwind on the way out made it interesting! Will be back again next year.

Sian, N/A, 03-May-2017

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Fantastic Marathon. Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers. Perfect organized. I enjoyed it a lot. I will be back.

Daniel Sanchez, , 03-May-2017

Wow that was really hard ! But a stunning scenic course and great marshaling and support. Friendly faces and cake at the water/food stations - winner! Beats city road marathons by a mile (well 27 miles).

Andrew Davis, , 02-May-2017

This event is fantastic. The views from the top were beautiful. I would recommend this event to anyone. This is my 8th Marathon and the 1st where I can say that I enjoyed every second.

David Ferguosn, Reading Roadrunners, 02-May-2017

Well run, well supported with great marshalls and aid stations. One of my favourite trail marathons, I will be back again next year.

c Todd, , 01-May-2017

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This is a great marathon. It's well organised and the marshalling is excellent. The hills are a real test but the amazing scenery makes it all worth while

Jamie gosse, , 01-May-2017

On behalf of Canicross Sussex we would like to thank everyone involved in yesterday's very well organised run. This is the 2nd year now we have run the half marathon with our dogs and again made to feel very welcome indeed. Thanks so much guys and we look forward to running it again next year.

jo wood, Canicross Sussex , 01-May-2017

This was the third time I have run the Half and I beat my 2012 time by 4 minutes - not bad for an old girl of 50!
Once again the hills are a challenge - especially the long one at the start, but the marshalls are amazing, it's so well organised and resourced at the stations and everyone helping was friendly.
Its so nice to do a smaller scale Half where your name is called out as you run through - and the cake marquee at the end was much appreciated .
I will definitely be back next year with an aim of less walking and more running up those hills!

Rachel Burstow, , 01-May-2017

Brilliant race, the views were perfect for taking your mind off the hills. Really well organised with aid stations at exactly the right points. Definitely will be back next year

Paul lenaghan, Tri Surrey , 01-May-2017

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Brilliant organised race for my 11th marathon. Lovely scenery. Hills were a killer but nonetheless I throughly enjoyed it. The aid stations were very helpful. I will be back next year hopefully either to do the marathon again or half.

Darren Woods, Striders of Croydon AC, 01-May-2017

Such beautiful course,well organized event.thanks to all friendly Marshalls. I hope to run next year again!

Kedar acharya, , 01-May-2017

My first off run race, couldn't have been a better choice!
The hills are horrible, the volunteers, staff and marshalls are absolutely fantastic!
Support and aid stations just when you need them, and the most lovely piece of cake waiting at the finish.
The best way to enjoy 27 miles of pain in Sussex, thank you!

Matt Wainwright, , 01-May-2017

Brilliant race with superb organisation and the friendliest marshalls. The cold shower at the end is a bonus! Thanks for putting on such a great event.

John Pickup, , 01-May-2017

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